Sussex Marquees – Frequently Asked Questions

When should you book?
To avoid disappointment we ask you to contact us at the earliest opportunity if there are specific dates you have in mind, therefore, we suggest people book their marquees as early as possible. We take forward orders up to 2 years in advance in order to guarantee their required dates.

What type of marquees do you stock?
Our marquees are a traditional marquee with a modern twist they are characterised by the high roof peaks, sweeping curves and the use of poles and straps to hold them up. They are made from 23oz UPVC vinyl.

What size marquees do you stock?
Our traditional marquees come in a range of sizes they all come in 40ft widths these are the most popular sizes 40ft x 40ft, 40ft x 60ft, 40ft x 80ft. We can increase the size of the marquee by 20ft roof sections so we can keep going providing you have the room and the guests!

How big should I have the marquee?
You don’t want the marquee too large as it can feel as if not enough people have attended, but too small and people are cramped for space.
We advise 15 square feet per person for functions such as weddings etc, with additional area for dance floors, entertainment etc

How many tables do I need?
This again depends on the type of function and whether they are to be used for eating at catered events or more informal gatherings.
We suggest the following as a guide:
· 4′ Round – 4 to 6 guests
· 5′ Round – 8 to 10 guests
· 6′ Round – 10 to 12 guests
· 6′ Trestle – 6 (3 guests each side)

Does the ground need to be level?
Not really, as long as the slope is relatively even, most back gardens are level enough but we can arrange scaffolding if required to sort out a very uneven slope.

What do I put on the floor?
There are a few options available for floor coverings. If the grass or ground that the marquee is on is level enough you could use nothing extra, matting is another option or perhaps the best option available is a boarded floor which can be carpeted quite easily and this gives the very best finish.

What type of dance floors do you stock?
We stock several types of dance floor, black and white, completely white, completely black, wooden parquet and Retro LED.

What are wall linings and roof swags?
For events such as weddings and corporate hospitality events, we put a coloured wall lining on the inside of the marquee this is available in white or ivory. This can match the wedding theme or corporate colours. Roof swags are long pieces of material that are attached to the King poles (main poles holding the marquee roof up) and are then draped down onto the tops of the walls, they create a fantastic effect and are used to highlight the magnificent roof

How is the marquee lit?
We use several different types of lighting to help create the perfect ambience for your event. We use up lighters; these are placed on the floor next to the walls and poles and provide a subtle ambient light. A range of coloured gels are available to use with these lights. We also work closely with an excellent Audio Visual partner which can provide us with the more extravagant ideas to create the perfect mood for your event.

How long is the marquee hire period?
For Saturday events, if you require a second use on the Sunday, this can normally be accommodated. During the week, the length of the marquee hire period is by prior arrangement.

Sussex Marquees offer a unique marquee hire service to the Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas. We come up with floor plans, theming and catering ideas, work out the logistics and put it all together, working closely with you every step of the way.